what is thizzler on the roof?

Thizzler On The Roof is the largest Bay Area hip-hop platform in the world. Since 2009, Thizzler.com has grown from a small blog to a trendsetting outlet reaching all over the globe.

average views: 18.6 million + per month

YouTube: 12.8 million / month | 450k subscribers

Soundcloud: 5.8 million / month | 45k followers

Facebook: 24k likes

Twitter: 26k followers

Instagram: 75k followers

Newsletter: 5k subscribers

Snapchat: 1.5k per snap

Website: 300k impressions / month

Along with being the first website to break the platinum and gold records Gas Pedal, Red Nose, and Up!, Thizzler On The Roof has provided hundreds of otherwise unknown local artists an opportunity to be seen and heard on a national and international scale.

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